Zumba® in Erfurt


I'm in it for the first time at Zumba. What should I be aware of?

Gar nichts. Zumba bedeutet Spaß und Leichtigkeit. Mach dich frei von den Gedanken alles richtig machen zu wollen. Es gibt kein richtig oder falsch. Solltest du koordinative Probleme mit Armen und Beinen haben, so konzentrier dich erstmal nur auf die Beine. Die Arme kommen schon automatisch dazu. Und ganz wichtig: Bring gute Laune mit.

Do I need special clothes for Zumba?

You don't need any special clothing. Take what you feel comfortable. Also the color choice you're free. Colorful we would of course prefer to see ... Please no street shoes to wear with Zumba in the halls. Use, if possible, shoes with light sole.

I need to have dance experience?

You don't need any dance experience. Honestly, the Zumba is not about Dancing. Zumba is fun, and ease, and speed of response Seen to implement. Free yourself of the thought to want to make everything right. There is no right or wrong. It is your hour. Just have fun! You should have coordination problems with the arms and legs, so concentrate only au the legs. The arms come automatically.

I have no tact or sense of rhythm, can I still join?

It is your hour, and it goes all alone to you and the fun. Tact don't need you, which comes out by itself, if you give your time. Free yourself of the thought to want to make everything right. There is no right or wrong. Just have fun! You should have coordination problems with the arms and legs, so focus only on the legs. The arms come automatically.

I'm totally unsportsmanlike, is Zumba for me?

Zumba anyone can do, has the desire to do something for himself and his Fitness. It is your hour. There is no right or wrong. You decide on the intensity of your movements. Very quickly you'll notice that you're getting fitter.

This is something for the elderly?

Yes, absolutely! Our oldest course participant is 74 years. In Zumba there are no right or wrong. You decide on your speed and intensity. It's your body and your hour. Movement lubricates your joints and can contribute a lot to a fitter body.

Zumba is something for men?

But Hello! We are proud to report that in our courses also men are. Clear! Because men have a body that wants to stay fit and healthy – so what are you waiting for?

Is Zumba a real Sport?

What a real Sport is? But hey, you'll be able to achieve in any case, many sporting effects, ranging from the improvement of the condition, the coordination and the Burning of calories. In addition, you can build up muscles. With us, Zumba is definitely sporty. It's called Zumba Fitness.

What is trained in Zumba ?

Zumba is primarily an endurance training for the cardiovascular System. It calls for the coordination and train different muscle groups.
Eine Studie belegt: Zumba-Training hat einen positiven Einfluss auf die Lebensqualität, die Ausdauer, die Rumpfkraft und das dynamische Gleichgewicht. Es trägt somit zu einem erhöhten Wohlbefinden, aerober Fitness und besseren muskulären Funktionen bei. (Vgl. https://www.mylife.de/sport-fitness/zumba/, 16.12.2021)

Can I lose weight with Zumba?

Many people have already lost with Zumba weight. The height of the weight loss is dependent on various factors (including body weight, metabolism, etc.) and can not be verpauschalisiert, Zumba can encourage in any case. You want to lose weight? Then, let us speak. We also offer nutrition consultations.

How many calories I burn during a Zumba class?

The number of calories burned participants in a course that is different from Person to Person. Depending on your physical stature (type, inclination, intensity, ability to move), you can burn hundreds of calories. On many pages in the Internet is written from approximately 350 to 500 kcal per hour.

Zumba in pregnancy?

Yes, of course! Zumba is suitable for everyone. But to be sure, speak before this with your doctor you trust and ask for advice. And listen to your body. So you're always on the safe side.

You can practice the steps?

Come to the hour like me. I'll show you the steps slowly. Give yourself time, and remember always, the Zumba I want you to have fun and not everything is 100% correct want to make.

How much does the course cost?

We have developed various models for you. Depending on how often you want to and can participate in the courses, your price is determined. In short: The more often you go, the cheaper the price will be. Get with the times, an introductory course, and let us all more to speak. Then we can get to know us personally and, you know, such as our hours, drain. What do you think?

How much does a trial session cost?

A trial lesson costs 10 Euro.

Are there Online offers?

Of course, we are up-to-date. No matter where you are in the world – you have the opportunity to participate in our courses. You need only a technical device, the Internet, and access. Sign up to join us for more information.

Can I bring my child with me?

Children are always welcome. Your child only wants to watch and can deal with alone? No Problem! Your child wants to dance? That is also possible! Just make me have a trial course. After that, we talk about everything.