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Zumba Class

Zumba Class

Zumba is not only one of the endurance training, can lead to an increased fat burning to weight reduction. It trains coordination at the same time, which ensures the management of certain requirements in everyday life, in work and in leisure time. This is an important prerequisite for the quality of life and into old age. In addition, Zumba strengthen large muscle groups, which protect bones and joints, and the fat reduction and support the immune system.

Muscles serve as the engine for all physical and mental processes and provide the way for more self-confidence.

In summary, the elements of Fitness-cardio is Zumba a complete Workout, and muscle building workouts and Exercises for Balance and flexibility combined. By many Latin American rhythms, but it also stands for a lot of fun and holiday feeling. After each course, you spray just so full of energy and just feel great!

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  • Zumba Class


    Turnhalle Gemeinschaftsschule Kerspleben, Gartenstraße 19, 99098 Erfurt